Hillary Clinton Will Spend Thanksgiving In The Hospital

Hillary Clinton, who tried to fool the country into thinking a 70-year-old woman could possibly be fit to be President of the United States, collapsed outside her daughter Chelsea’s New York apartment yesterday, prompting an emergency visit to her doctor. After some initial tests, the doctor admitted her to Mount Sinai Hospital where she will spend the better part of the next week undergoing tests.

A spokesman for the hospital told The New York Post:

“Secretary Clinton suffers from post-election anxiety that borders on PTSD along with what appears to be a chronic neurological disorder that makes her physically able to do more than most people think she’s actually capable of. It could be a real problem for someone of her advanced years.”

It appears as though Clinton, whose bout with pneumonia almost left her passed out on a New York sidewalk on 9/11, will have to cancel her campaign for 2020 if she had one in mind in lieu of some time on the shuffleboard court at a\n assisted living facility.

We’d like to have some empathy for this woman but after sending and receiving all of those emails and being in charge when an embassy was attacked, it’s just not in the cards. Maybe this is just a clear-cut case of karma.

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