Hillary Clinton Was Just Rushed To Hospital After Choking On Election Night Dinner

The Hillary Clinton Campaign is hosting a lavish election night dinner with 100 of her top donors as attendees. In addition to her wealthy liberal elite donors, the campaign selected one “lucky winner” from a pool of Planned Parenthood patients to attend the dinner. Kisha Johnson says she was “thrilled to attend the First Female President’s” (fat chance) formal dinner, but she told KWCH News that the evening took a tragic turn.

The event, which was catered by a Michelin 5 Star Muslim chef, was cut short when Hillary had a medical episode which resulted in her choking on the Tandoori King Prawns.

“As soon as the main course was served, Hillary’s eyes rolled back in her head and she started shaking all over. Then her face started turning blue and everyone realized she was choking.”

A plastic surgeon who donated over $1 million to Hillary’s campaign jumped into action and performed the heimlich maneuver. She was then put in the back of a black van (sound familiar?) and taken to the hospital.

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The libtard mainstream media has been asked to stay silent on these developments, as Hillary’s health has been a top issue this election. Sources close to the campaign say this could cause Hillary to lose last-minute votes so they’ve issued a gag order on any future developments until the election is over.

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