Hillary Clinton Invited Herself To Trump’s Inauguration–Trump Uninvited Her 30 Minutes Later

You may have heard that Bill and Hillary Clinton decided to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump. Apparently, they made that decision without actually consulting with him. When he found out, it took Trump less than 30 minutes to shoot her down.

In a statement his public relations guy Jeff will release later tonight on Twitter, Instagram and several other of the new reputable sources for information from our federal government, Trump said:

“Crooked Hillary will not be welcome on the steps of the capitol during my inauguration. If she wants to go hang out with the fembots who plan to protest my landslide victory over feminism and all kind of other liberal ideals she can. Her husband can join her. He’s been known to treat women very poorly. Sad. My inaugurals will be the coronation of a new era and we don’t want these people to be there.”

The Clintons insist that they will still be attending. President Obama, who was uninvited by Trump a month ago, says he will also be there. Trump won’t acknowledge any of them.

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These two won’t be allowed anywhere near Trump

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Trump has refused plenty of other people from his inauguration in order to make way for the sleezeballs the Republicans have chosen for his cabinet as well as some of his good friends from Ford Motor Company, who benefited from some anti-Chevy tweets this morning. A seat will remain empty but reserved for “corruption” in honor of the new administration.

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