Hero Mike Pence Rushed The Stage To Save Trump During Assassination Attempt At Rally

This is a story that the crooked left-wing mass media in our country don’t want you to know and our beloved Vice Presidential nominee is too humbled in God’s glory to call attention to his heroic actions. So, this one needs spread far and wide.

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An American patriot who was at Trump’s rally posted on Facebook about his experience when a deranged Hillary plant tried to pull a gun on Donald Trump.


“Big John” traveled to Reno from Elko, Nevada. When John returned to his home town, he sat down with a reporter at the Subway inside the local Walmart to tell his story. Over his Cold Cut Combo with extra mayonnaise and a bag of Sun Chips, he said,

“People were yelling that there was a gun when all of a sudden Mike Pence bolted out from backstage and wrapped his arm around Donald Trump. He was protecting the next President of the United States and was ready to take a bullet for him. That’s the kind of second in command I want for my country.”

John also explained that Pence spoke to the crowd afterward and did not want the spotlight to be on him.

“He is a man of God, so doesn’t speak of his good deeds. That’s why everyone needs to tell his story for him. This hero needs recognized.”

Wow. Mike Pence really is the real deal. What an awesome man, and so humble. It is clear that God himself sent him to serve as not only a back up to Mr. Trump, but his protector. What we witnessed in those frightening moments was God’s hand of protection for team Trump.

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American patriots need to take this as a sign of God’s favor. He is protecting us. Praise the Lord for Mike Pence!

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