Here Are The Charges Trump Plans To File Against Obama

Watching the Democrats writhe in horror over the stunning defeat of Crooked Hillary Clinton has been quite a sight. The smug looks on their faces have been replaced with agony as they realize that Donald Trump, the man destiny chose to lead this country into the future, will be their president.

One of the most outspoken critics of Donald Trump has been President Barry Soetoro, the con artist who has illegally occupied the Oval Office and shredded the Constitution for the past eight years. Tomorrow, in what will surely be an uncomfortable situation for him, the worst president in American history will meet with who will go down as the best president in history.

The Trump transition team has allowed it to leak that President-Elect Trump will not be showing up to meet Obama empty handed, nor will he humble himself for their private meeting the way he humbled himself in his victory speech. An aide told USA Today:

“There’s no need for that kind of humility for this meeting. President Obama has repeatedly called Donald Trump names, humiliated him in public and sent some of the most scathing jokes ever delivered from a podium in his direction. Now, Mr. Trump, who will soon occupy the little house Obama destroyed, gets the last laugh.”

In addition to an ear-to-ear grin, Trump will be presenting Obama with a list of charges he intends to file against him as soon as he leaves office. The aide continued:

“If President Trump has his way, which he will, Barack Obama will leave office facing charges of treason for colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood, perjury for lying in his deposition about the stand down order in Benghazi, and several counts of illegally supporting terrorism for his back room cash deals with Iranian fanatics. On top of that, he is looking at having all of his executive orders overturned and possible future charges for unconstitutionally ordering federal agents to disobey the law.”

Those charges carry a possible death sentence on the treason count, but only with a full confession that will never happen, and up to 370 years in prison on everything else. The beauty of the charges against Obama is that he’ll face them after he leaves office and there will be nobody there to pardon him.

American patriots knew this day would come. We’ve been patient far too long.

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