Green Day Singer Taken Into Custody, Questioned By Feds After Threatening Trump At AMA Party

Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of the washed-up 90’s sensation Green Day, made waves at the American Music Awards Sunday night when he led the crowd in anti-Trump chants of the same type we’ve been hearing from crybaby liberals since our fearless new leader won the election earlier this month.

That’s all well and good, as constitutionally protected free speech is a founding principle of our great nation, but what happened at a party after the event landed the talentless hothead in hot water. According to a source from Rolling Stone, Armstrong was being an obnoxious drunken fool when he made the statement that he’s famous enough to get into The White House and “stab that f*cker Trump while he’s sleeping.”

The comment may have been in j3est, but evidently, not everyone thought so. Someone apparently informed a security guard at the show who laughed about it to a local police officer who was then obligated to call it in. Within half an hour, Armstrong was seen being loaded into the back of a black SUV with US Government plates.

How’s that free speech treating you now, Billie Joe? While no arrest was made and Armstrong won’t be charged with anything, he was too embarrassed to rejoin the party. A friend of the band disclosed to Rolling Stone that Armstrong texted¬†and said he was going to bed to “sleep it off.”

These idiot liberals are going to learn fast that people aren’t going to take kindly to threats against their new president. Obama has enjoyed eight years without having to deal with this kind of nonsense but as soon as the “tolerant liberals” don’t get their way they go spastic.

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