Google, Facebook Take Aim At Breitbart And Others With New ‘Fake News’ Rules

Everyone with a brain knows that Breitbart is one of the most reliable news sources in existence; it’s a sharp contrast with the LIEberal Mainstream Media like MSNBC, the Clinton News Network, and others. It’s one of the few places where you can go to get the truth, free of any real bias or conflicts of interest, and the victory of President Trump over Crooked Hillary put Breitbart in a unique position to lead the world in news distribution.

Or, rather, it would — see, while we were congratulating ourselves for electing President Trump, the global elites were striking back. Earlier this week, Google released plans to pull all of its advertising from so-called “fake news sites,” and Facebook announced it was going to be similarly cracking down. But while we look at that and think, “well, good, they’re finally shutting up those lying liberals,” the truth is much more nefarious.

Lost in their statements was a warning — the globalists are going to punish us for electing someone they hate and fear by shutting down our sites. According to Alphabet Inc.’s spokesman, the goal isn’t just to go after “fake news sites” — it’s to go after actual ones like Breitbart and others, who pissed the globalists off:

“The idea is to shut down certain sites by cutting down on advertising revenue,” Alphabet Inc.’s CEO said in a recent press release. “In particular, we’re looking at sites like Breitbart and others.”

When asked if he was targeting specific sites, their CEO announced that, “we are not” but “there are certain voices that need to be heard a lot less and we don’t want AdSense funding them.”

Clearly this is a man who doesn’t understand how Freedom of Speech works, especially given that he’s working to silence people he actively disagrees with — the CEO of Alphabet Inc. actively donated to Crooked Hillary’s campaign. So much for their corporate motto, “don’t be evil” and “do the right thing.”

And Alphabet Inc. isn’t the only one. Facebook’s CO recently announced that they were also using the moniker of “fake news” as a means to go after Breitbart, as well:

“The goal with the new algorithm adjustment is to cut back on the traffic to fake news sites like Breitbart and Addicting Info by up to 97%.”

97% is a huge reduction in traffic and since their only traffic is through shares on Facebook, that sort of an attack will likely damage their profits.

The globalists are determined to win one way or another, it seems, and if we can’t let them have the presidency, they’re apparently going to use their control over the media to punish us. We can’t let this happen. That’s why, as of right now, I’m suggesting that everyone who sincerely believes this is wrong stop using Google and Facebook both. We can’t continue to fund their attempts to shut down our voices. We’ll teach them the value of the First Amendment, and hit them right where it hurts — the pocketbook.

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