Famous Hollywood Liberal Writes A Letter Supporting Trump On Her Death Bed That You HAVE To Read:

Liberal icon Deborah Messing, who has been battling breast cancer secretly for over a year, has come out with some of the most beautiful words you’ll ever see from a person reflecting on their feelings at the end of their life. What makes this particularly beautiful is that it will scorch the liberal earth from deep within. Messing was one of the deeply embedded and yet completely full of sh*t lefties who did it just to keep themselves from getting the Vince Vaughan treatment.

Messing looks frail and her hair is an obvious wig to hide the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

As everyone knows, Vaughan can no longer land a role in Tinseltown not because he’s a subpar, one trick pony of an actor but because of his conservative leanings. If not for that he’d be in every dry comedy that needs a guy who looks like he hasn’t slept in 20 years. Deborah Messing said in her final public¬†statement that she didn’t want that same fate:

I want to apologize to all of my closest friends, but you’ve been duped. I was born and raised a Montana conservative and I will die that way. I love you all and your passion is admirable, but you’re delusional if you think the Democratic elitists of this country are the solution to our problems. I voted for Donald Trump and for every other Republican before him since I came of age to vote.

I support our president’s efforts to make America richer, stronger and more Godly than it has been since Ronald Reagan. I support his agenda to cut taxes and regulations so businesses can thrive and investors can start making real money again. I support his stance on radical Islam and abortion. I support your right to bear arms. America won’t be made great again by other liberals refising to be “outed.” Be loud and be proud!

So far liberal women on the post include Salma Hayek, Helen Hunt and Betty White. Maybe Hollywood isn’t as locked down by libtards as we thought.

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