FALSE ALARM: Donna Brazille Survived Crash–Will Turn State’s Evidence Against Hillary

It was reported earlier that former DNC operative Donna Brazille was killed in a very suspicious car accident in Southern California. The California Highway Patrol is now reporting that Brazille managed to escape the vehicle just seconds before it came to a screeching halt in a fireball at the bottom of a canyon.

MJR Rishkahag Irtay of CHP told the local news:

“We thought she went over. She’s a very lucky woman. She hit the sand on the side of the road just beyond the pavement and did a perfect tuck and roll. Very impressive for a woman of her age.”

The US Marshal’s office has confirmed that an ongoing investigation seems likely to confirm foul play in the crash and that Brazille, who claims she was blackmailed by Hillary Clinton into sending questions for her debates on the campaign trail, is in protective custody until she can turn state’s evidence against Clinton.

US Attorney Dean Rivers of the 15th California District Federal Criminal Circuit Trial Court says if everything pans out that charges of conspiracy and attempted murder could be filed against Clinton sometime this year. Clinton’s attorney calls the charges “ludicrous” and said this is just another witch hunt to keep Clinton from taking Vince McCallum’s seat on the US Senate on April 1st.

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In Washington, Trey Gowdy re-opened the investigations into Benghazi and Vince Foster’s mysterious death, citing the cloud of death and destruction that follows Clinton around as the reason. The committee will consist of 8 Republicans and Corey Booker and will cost approximately $14 million.


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