Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Caught Illegals Voting And He Is Outraged!

The Duck Commander himself is doing his part to elect President Donald Trump. He took a break from preparing for duck hunting season which starts in four days and showed up to vote at Pinecrest Elementary School in West Monroe, Louisiana at 6 a.m. this morning. Because of his fame, he was hoping to get in and out of the polls quickly and figured the polls would be slow at that time of the morning. But, what he discovered at that early hour is exactly what we all have said was going to happen.

Phil walked into the elementary school cafeteria and saw a roomful of illegals waiting to vote. Louisiana law requires photo ID but allows exceptions. So, illegals can vote by simply taking their lights bill as ID. These illegals were standing in line with their “Entergy Louisiana” bills in hand.

He said he saw a van was parked outside in the parking lot of the school.

Phil was so angry, he snapped a photo of the activity and posted it to his Facebook account. As of this writing, the post is still visible on “The Duck Commander’s” page, but you know the libtards will have it removed as soon as they realize it’s there.


A source close to the Duck Dynasty family spoke to the Associated Press,

“Mr. Robertson was in a state of shock when he walked into that room in the wee hours of the morning to find a bunch of illegals with their power bills in front of him in line to vote. He wants this picture to be shared so good patriotic Americans see what is happening to our country. He has no doubt the picture will be removed from the liberal Facebook because they are working overtime to cover up the truth.”

We are the silent majority, though and early election day polls are showing Donald Trump is winning. Even with cheating, Hillary is going to lose and lose big time.

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