Donald Trump Just Ran Into Alec Baldwin In Miami And Told Him To Go F*ck Himself

Several reports out of Miami have placed Alec Baldwin in the same Cuban restaurant as Donald Trump, where things between the two were less than pleasant. Baldwin, who was ordering pastelitos and a soft drink, looked immediately uncomfortable when Mr. trump walked in, surrounded by his Secret Service detail.

Baldwin is said to have given Mr. Trump a condescending smile before he said, “No hard feelings about the SNL skits, huh Donald?” Mr. Trump, not needing the approval of a washed-up hack of a comedian, brushed him off with a single politically incorrect statement:

“Why don’t you go f*ck yourself, Baldwin. No hard feelings. No feelings at all. You’re a hack who couldn’t hang on to one of the most beautiful women in history and I’m about to be president. How does that feel?”

Baldwin scurried away without another word. We can only assume Mr. Trump was referring to Kim Bassinger, who left Baldwin for being verbally abusive long before the washed-up nobody accused Mr. trump of abusing women while playing him.

The exchange went largely unnoticed by the press, who weren’t allowed in the restaurant at the time so the surging candidate could enjoy his meal in peace. Reports came from a waitress, two customers and a dishwasher. Hopefully they were all there legally.

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  1. May GOD ALMIGHTY,BLESS this Sad World We live in ,and have Mercy on us all for what we have taken ,and abused this great NATION THAT GOD GAVE US FREELY

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