Democrats Are Using Mexican School Children To Rig Election

San Antonio, Texas – A man who agreed to speak with reporters only as a confidential informant told KLRN Action News that he recently returned from a trip to Mexico where he discovered classrooms full of children voting for Hillary Clinton.

For the purposes of this story, we will call him “Mike”.

Confidential informant spoke to reporters.

“It was a sight to be seen, I tell you what. There were rooms full of those little children, clutching ball-point pens, filling in the circles beside Hillary Clinton’s name.”

According to Action News reporter Herb Hubert,  “Mike” discovered the classroom voting sweatshops while visiting Mexico during a friend’s bachelor party in Tijuana. After drinking too much tequila one night, the men stumbled down a dirt road and passed out in the woods. When they awoke the next morning they could hear children chanting in the distance. “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.”

The men walked towards the voices and found themselves in a small rural Mexican village. In the center was a small school building, which was the source of the Hillary chant. “Mike” recalled that all the children were dressed in red, white, and blue outfits and had been taught to say “Hillary”.

“The ballots were on their desks and the teacher, who looked like a liberal Democrat from the states, stood behind them.”

One of the men traveling with “Mike” was able to jump into the doorway of the school and quickly snap the cover photograph.

In the covert operation, as many as 400 school children were being used to complete stacks of ballots each day. The ballots were then placed in canvas bags and carried across the border through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

First, we had dead people casting ballots and then the illegals voting for Hillary. Now, we have Mexican school children voting! This is an outrage!

Build the wall!

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