Democrat Official Who Tried To Kill Her Kids To ‘Save Them From Trump’ Charged With Attempted Murder

We’ve all seen some crazy things coming from the Democrats since President-Elect Trump gave his victory speech. They’ve whined and cried, rioted and burned their own cities and tried desperately to move to Canada only to find out that our neighbors want them even less than we do.

One Democrat lawmaker from Shellman Bluff, Georgia has taken things way too far. Janice Treblemmeker, chairwoman of the local Democrat party, put an insane plan in motion Friday morning to murder her two toddlers, aged 3-years-old and 18 months old, and move to Mexico where she could engage in “guerilla warfare” against any company that engaged in construction of a border wall.

County Sheriffs responded to a bizarre scene at Blackbeard Creek where the two children were recovered unharmed from a makeshift raft that was meant to be their “funeral barge.” Deputy Leroy Macernerny told reporters from Local News4 that he had never seen anything like it:

“The kids was just…sittin’ on that raft over there floatin’ by when they was grabbed up by Jerry Noonsville who happened to be pout here noodlin’ catfish. They had a note what said that their mom was headed to Mexico to kill people who wanted to build a wall and that she was glad her kids wouldn’t have to live through a Trump presidency.”


Trenlemmeker was apprehended at a local gas station where she apparently stopped for food and fuel for the trip to Mexico. Deputies estimate she made it less than 5 miles from the crime scene:

“She ain’t too bright, I’ll tell you what. That raft wasn’t never gonna carry them kids anywhere but past a dozen or two fishermen. She’d of been better off just tossin em’ in the creek.”

The woman, whose car was littered with Hillary Clinton yard signs and covered in “I’m with her” stickers, had stopped taking the anti-depressants her doctor prescribed her after the election when she suffered a nervous breakdown over Clinton’s loss. Her children have been placed in State custody and she now faces charges of child abandonment, neglect and 2 counts of attempted murder.

This just goes to show how much better off we are with President Trump. Can you imagine if these maniacs took over the government?

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