Democrat Congressman Charged With Murder Dumps Dirt On Hillary For A Plea Deal

Congressman Ralph Shepard of Wisconsin, charged Friday with killing his wife in a fit of rage over the outcome of a game of Yahtzee, is talking with the US Attorney’s Office about arranging some sort of a plea deal in exchange for dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The Justice Department and the FBI initially rejected the notion until Shepard used the words “I know where the bodies are buried.” Deputy Attorney General Martin Dewey explains:

“The crimes he’s got knowledge of aren’t related to the crimes he committed, so a plea deal is out of the question, but he is in a good position to get a seriously reduced sentence for second-degree murder.

If he does know where victims of Hillary Clinton are buried…well…that’s informatiion worth a decade of one man’s life, is it not?”

Shepard served with Clinton when she represented New York in the House and served with her on several committees, including the investigation into 9/11. There is some speculation that Clinton used the attacks as a cover to “lose” people she needed to be eliminated. If that’s the case, the mere existence of their bodies outside of the caskets they were supposedly buried in or in the bone crypt at the WTC museum would be damning evidence.

So far no deal has been reached.

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