Coroner Removes Skeletal Remains From Clinton Compound After FBI Raid

The raid on the Clinton compound in Chaquatta, New York this afternoon had at least one interesting outcome. LLOD’s reporter on scene, Skip Tetheluda, was able to get close enough to snap the featured image of the coroner taking away a body bag. Skip also learned that the remains, which were found by a cadaver dog, were old enough that the coroner will need to use carbon dating to establish a timeline for her death. The body is definitely a female in her early 20s.

Local police say that finding remains on old properties like the Clintons’ isn’t uncommon. “There are a lot of old, unmarked graves in these parts,” said Police Chief Martin Grimes, “sometimes a body is just some poor soul lost to infection or consumption in the 18th or 19th century.”

Grimes was also clear to note that the Clinton home isn’t that old and that the home that was on the land before theirs was nowhere near the body that was found. It was also found without a casket, personal belongings of any kind or a grave marker. “Chances are, under these circumstances, that this was foul play.”

The FBI and homeland security have taken custody of the remains and are having them sent to Quantico for testing. So far there are no theories as to who the body may have been or if there was any connection to the Clintons.

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