Trump Just Scolded Obama With Most Brutal Burn Ever Tweeted–Liberals Can’t Stop Crying

Donald Trump has been relentless on Twitter. Unlike other presidents who are too afraid to allow their true selves to be seen by the American people, Trump wears his personality on his sleeve. He’s not afraid to be him. That’s why when he Tweets, the snowflakes on the left go to their safe places to color.

This morning, after he called half of America losers because they can’t accept him, Trump took on Obama personally and made a complete fool out of him:

F*ck yeah! Vlad is RAD! The Democrats are still crying because Putin “rigged” the election by showing the American people the truth about Hillary Clinton and her emails. Who cares if they’re a foreign government interfering with freedom and democracy? All they really did was expose the truth.

We’re a Constitutional Republic, patriots. Our elections were never meant to be fair. they were meant to be a gauge for the electoral college to use as their way to put the right men in power. It’s worked for more than 300 years. If you liberals don’t like it, go get a puppy. The big boys have a country to run.

Show this to a liberal to make them cry.


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As a little bit of a follow-up, we here at The Last Line Of Defense would like for you to consider exactly what kind of douchebag it would take to agree with anything about this article. It basically trashes everything that makes America what it is and elevates a ruthless dictator to hero status. If you liked or shared this, you really should go stick your head in a pile of sh*t.

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