CONFIRMED: Obama’s Deep State ‘Security Company’ Just Bought A Massive Decommissioned Air Force Base

The base at Fort Truss, New Hampshire is a little-known airstrip on the far side of the White Mountains, just past the Presidential Range. From the observatory on Mt. Washington on a clear day, you can see the main tower to the base looming over its defunct runways.

The base is the northernmost in the country outside of Alaska. It housed 3000 airmen and has three runways all capable of handling C-130 cargo planes and the President’s plane, though Air Force One has never landed there. It is the perfect location to stave off an invasion from the north or to begin one moving south.

Experts say that the base, if fully staffed with a full regimen of fighters and support, could definitely launch an assault and win New England before anyone figured out what was going on:

“The New England states are in the perfect position defensively. They are the only pre-Civil War states in the union that have never been taken by an invading force. There’s a port in every other town. They’re staunchly progressive liberals who carry guns. It’s Obama’s dream come true.

For Obama to take up residence at the northern end of this perfect piece of real estate is a brilliant strategic move. He could raise his own flag over Boston and as long as the sheep who live there don’t turn on him, there is very little anyone could do about it.”

That’s a scary thought. Would Obama wage war on the United States at this stage of the game? Probably not, but the move does indicate that he’s in the best position possible should it go down without notice.

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