Clinton’s First Win In Small NH Town Under Investigation For Voter Fraud

The small New Hampshire hamlet known as Dixville’s Notch has been famous for voting at the stroke of midnight since 1960. A New Hampshire law that allows towns under 100 people to open the polls at 12AM has put places like Dixville’s Notch on the map nationally.

The 2016 general election came and went in the town in under 5 minutes when all of the registered voters had cast their ballots. The results were a Clinton win by a count of 4 votes to 2 with Gary Johnson receiving 1 and a write-in for Mitt Romney. Not exactly a major victory for Hillary, but still, she got to claim a 2 to 1 margin in the first electoral battle.

There’s just one problem. Eight votes were cast in Dixville’s Notch, but there are only seven legally registered voters. Almira Humphrey Jones, a woman who had voted Republican in every election since 1922, passed away in June peacefully at her home surrounded by her family. While it is possible that she had filled out and mailed an absentee ballot, her great-grandson, Joshua Lineberger, doubts it:

“Great Gram wasn’t thinking she’d miss the election. She talked about it all the time. She was really a John Kasich supporter but she was happily going to vote for Donald Trump.”

WCVB Boston contacted the Mayor of Dixville’s Notch, Democrat Leonard Farklin, who said the entire election was captured on film and that he has complete confidence that his election commissioner held a true and fair election. Farklin, who won the mayorship in 2012 after a 4-4 tie was settled with an obscure town rule about “the older fella” getting the job, had no comment as to why there would be an extra vote.

Another voter, Republican Robin Mayers, said she knows everyone in the town and that she’s sure there are 3 Trump and 3 Clinton supporters, figuring Almira probably would have put in an absentee ballot like she does every election:

“It don’t make sense. Whether she put in absentee or not the vote count can’t be right. It’s just off.”

The DOJ is investigating, but we all know what will happen there. If you watch of the voting, which is over in a snap. You can clearly see that only 4 or 5 people showed up to vote and the election official is stuffing the box with what we can only presume are absentee ballots.

But…voter fraud doesn’t exist? It just claimed 1/8th of the integrity of our system in a town of a dozen people.

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