Clinton Overheard Directly Threatening Donald Trump After Humiliating Loss

Hillary Clinton’s descent into madness is complete. Following her humiliating loss to the clearly superior man, Shakey McScandals moped a bit before ultimately conceding to Donald Trump, who crushed her and her socialist agenda in this year’s election. But an aide has spilled the beans on what went on behind closed doors on election night.

The unnamed high-level Clinton aide told Fox News Thursday night:

When it finally hit her that Trump was going to win, she went silent with an almost dead look on her face. Then she turned to Bill and, shaking with a frightening look in her eyes, told him ‘I hope someone kills the f*cker. I want him gone.’ Bill kind of backed away and Chelsea put her arm around Hillary. It was the single most terrifying experience of my life. I really think she’d do it if she thought she could get away with it.

Would Clinton do the unthinkable? Just ask Vince Foster.

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