CBO Accidentally Finds Obama Fraud Coverup In The Billions

The Congressional Budget Office, in its yearly audit of the previous fiscal year’s numbers, stumbled across something that made perfect sense mathematically, but that’s about it. It seems that buried in the website built for the federal government by Michelle Obama’s college buddy was a single line of code that turned the “Healthcare Marketplace” into a billion dollar profit for the traitorous Obamas.

The scam was nearly perfect. One tenth of one percent of every dollar spent by the government on subsidies went into an “ancillary fund” where it was supposed to be stored and then re-deposited into the general fund at the end of the fiscal year if the money wasn’t needed for “discretionary spending.”

So, the money wasn’t counted coming in or going out and the only way it would have ever been noticed is if it were actually there come accounting time. It’s a brilliant scheme.

In reality, the money was all sent to an offshore numbered account in Caledonia, where the US has no jurisdiction. The CBO says that ancillary fund’s withdrawals were made under the EONS or “eyes only national security” tag. Representative Alex Brinkman says that if that tag was misused and those funds were accessed by Obama it would be fraud on a treasonous level:

“We’re talking about billions of dollars here. This kind of a coverup had to include at least a dozen people. The fact that none have come forward is astonishing. We will get to the bottom of this.”

US Attorney Raymond Hershey says a grand jury could possibly indict on what they have now, so he’s hoping a full investigation will be enough to actually prosecute the Obamas and their computer pal for serious crimes.

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