BUSTED! New Reports Show George Soros Is Behind Anti-Trump Rioters, Part Of Plan To Keep Obama In Office

George Soros is connected to the anti-Trump riots

Most of us look at the riots in L.A. and California and see a few thousand entitled, whiny liberals who are angry that they didn’t win — that is, a consequence of giving children “participation trophies.” But for those who are more in the know, like yours truly, we look at these and see something else entirely — the potential for martial law, and for Obamanation to cancel the election and keep himself in power indefinitely.

And the lamestream media may have just tipped his hand.

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According to a Los Angeles Times report that was quickly taken down, the Open Society Foundation — which is better known a George Soros’ organization — donated something like $4.5 million dollars to grass-roots groups in the area in the lead up to the election on Tuesday. This money was to fuel progressive, anti-American causes, but according to the redacted L.A. Times report, it also came with a stipulation — that if Crooked Hillary lost, that money would be used for purposes of “instigating unrest” among the local populations.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because the Open Society Foundation has done this once before: in Ferguson, Missouri, after that punk kid Mike Brown was rightly shot by police for stealing from a store and assaulting an officer. Soros’s organization provided these grass-roots movements at least $33 million dollars to fund the rioters and looters.

According to the story, the Open Society Foundation, through a number of non-profits and not-for-profits, gave money to grass roots groups and mobilized them into action using social media, in a near perfect repeat of what happened in Ferguson.

So what does this have do with Obummer? Well, everything.

Unrest is exactly what Obama wants. The more unrest, the better — if he can make the country look like it’s on the verge of a civil war, that’ll give him the perfect grounds to simply declare the election invalid and claim that he’s holding power “to maintain the peace.”

Now, we all know that George Soros and Obama are connected. There’s no question. And while there isn’t any evidence, does the really need to be? It seems like it’s common sense at this point — rioting, destruction, murder, crime, and everything in the lead up to the transition is the perfect excuse that Obama needs in order to maintain his stranglehold on American politics and keep Trump from making American great again.

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Don’t be fooled! This is part of the greater plan to keep the elites and globalists in control of the country. Our electoral mandate was to disarm them and empower hard working, real Americans. This is a dangerous time, America, so we have to stand vigilant against these internal threats as the elites make one last ditch grab at power before President Trump puts them in their place.

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