BUSTED: CNN Caught RED HANDED Trying To Rig The Election

CNN anchors Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash acted like the 2016 presidential election was an exciting sporting event that they never saw coming. That’s probably because they didn’t. Not only did they fall for all the rigged polls after basically campaigning for Hillary Clinton for a year, it’s been discovered that they sent out fake information to conservative news outlets on election day.

Somewhere around 2PM on election day, a writer for USA Politics Today, a conservative-leaning blog, began sending screenshots and a story to his colleagues around the conservative world that CNN had already predicted a Florida win for Donald Trump and that Wolf Blitzer had pre-recorded a segment to announce it as soon as the polls closed in the Sunshine State.

Come to find out that Florida would be a hard-fought battle that would run far into the night, and while Trump ultimately won, it was nowhere near the “landslide” CNN leaked that it was. The intern who sent out the info used Snapchat, so the evidence was quickly discarded, but the screenshots lived on in a story that was shared and read hundreds of thousands of times:



The images, come to find out, were actually doctored pictures from the Republican primary coverage on CNN. The network is now accused of leaking the story to convince Trump voters that the election was over in Florida and there was no need to vote. It didn’t work, as polls were packed until the minute they closed and Donald Trump came away victorious.

Another story about Trump winning Pennsylvania was also leaked a couple of hours later. We all know how well that worked out, don’t we?

CNN may be investigated for the fraud by the FCC and Federal Election Commission and without the help of their buddy Barack in the White House, it may be a black screen for them on future election coverage.


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