BREAKING: White House Releases Details Of Bill O’Reilly’s New Job

Shortly after Bill O’Reilly was fired by Fox News, the White House announced that President Trump had offered him a job in his administration. We now know that O’Reilly, whose media expertise is second to none, will be working closely with Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Information and Propaganda Director Jeff Derpinger¬†to help improve the image of the Trump administration.

Derpinger told Breitbart:

“We don’t expect Bill to change the minds of the mindless sheep on the left who follow the fake news and think Hillary Clinton is a savior. We think the people who still believe banter between men and women can be respectful and in good fun will enjoy someone like Bill helping to shape the face of the administration.”

President Trump called O’Reilly earlier this afternoon to congratulate him on the position. O’Reilly will take a short sabbatical before starting at the White House in August.

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