BREAKING: Two Famous Black Lives Matter Activists Shot Dead By Secret Service

A pair of liberal activists, famous for their roles in the Black Lives Matter thuggery, were shot dead by the Secret Service. The pair were holed up in an apartment in New York City planning an attack on Trump Tower when a tactical team attempted to serve an arrest warrant and apprehend them.

According to Breitbart:

The Secret Service obtained intel that implicated LaShaun DeMarcus and George Maclerius Smith, two high-ranking members of BLM, as ringleaders of a domestic terrorism cell planning to kidnap First Lady Melania Trump.

The pair refused to be taken into custody and fired on the agents, who had no choice but to use deadly force. The First Lady and her son, Baron, have been evacuated and taken to an undisclosed location.

A manifesto found inside the apartment reads:

We do what we do because Trump supporters are idiots. We will continbue to make them look foolish from now until the end of time.

Nobody is sure how that statement relates to the kidnapping.

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