BREAKING: Trump Signs Executive Order Requiring Antifa Terrorist Groups To Be Monitored


Recently, the Department of Justice officially labeled the fascist “antifa” groups across the country as terrorist organizations after members burned down churches in a multi-state overnight raid.

The Communist extremists have recently been showing up at conservative protests and attacking, showing once and for all that liberals have no interest in tolerance of others’ ideas, so President Trump decided to teach them some manners.

As President, Donald Trump has broad authority on monitoring terrorist organizations, so on Monday he signed an executive order directing the DOJ and other intelligence services to begin monitoring members of Antifa “very closely.”

“Recent attacks at conservative political rallies by Antifa have been for the sole purpose of making conservatives afraid to express their beliefs,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement, noting that “the U.S. government will stop at nothing to defeat terrorism both at home and abroad.”

Sessions added that members of the group would be arrested “if they commit even the most minor crime from this point on.”

This is good news for Americans, but not so much for the Communist fascists known as Antifa. Thanks to Donald Trump, their days are numbered.

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