BREAKING: Trump Signs Abortion Ban–Saves Millions Of Babies With Federal Orphanage Program

Liberals love to talk about how abortions save lives because without them, women would use coat hangers to perform them in “back alleys” across America. They say that women don’t want their children and that because of that it’s easier to dispose of them like trash.

President Trump has decided to fight back. He has just signed an executive order making it a felony for any doctor in the United States to perform an abortion or prescribe the abortion pill once a heartbeat can be detected, which is at about 6 weeks. The bulk of abortions are performed at 12-20 weeks, so the lives saved will be in the millions.

The President has removed the issue of what to do with all of those “unwanted” children by forming a network of federal orphanages that will care for the children from birth through age 18, if necessary. the best part is, the entire thing will come at no expense to the taxpayer.

President Trump has cut one of his world-class deals with several corporations who will benefit from the orphanages by having access to the children and their medical records for testing and focus groups. If they go without being adopted, as is the case with far too many minority orphans, they will be available for work release to help subsidize the costs to the company.

Monsanto spokesman Marvin Lieber told The Associated Press that the children would begin learning agriculture with their firm at about 13-years-old with practical experience in the field. They would not only gain valuable work experience, they would also be earning credit towards a college education.

Exxon-Mobil, expected to donate more than a billion dollars to the program, say the children in their focus groups will be allowed exposure to real-world experience previously forbidden by red tape Obama bureaucracy. This country needs a generation of talented trade and energy workers.

Making America great again AND saving lives? Donald trump is truly a gift from God.

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