BREAKING: Trump Shuts Down Alec Baldwin And Saturday Night Live Once And For All

Alec Baldwin has had his fun on Saturday Night Live. In one of the worst impressions of all time, Baldwin’s version of Donald Trump made fun of our President by exaggerating some of the things he has said and by saying some of the many things he has exaggerated. Baldwin is the exaggerator-in-chief.

That all comes to an end this week when Saturday Night Live will be replaced on NBC with reruns of The Apprentice. Trump, who has no interest or say in either program, may or may not have been brilliant enough to get his sons, who control everything Trump but only on the surface (wink wink), to purchase the 11:30 Saturday time slot for a new syndicated version of the old show that will begin with 15 minutes of propaganda about how much Trump won that week.

All Trump does is win. Just yesterday, after losing yet another legal battle, Trump won yet again by tweeting “SEE YOU IN COURT” in all caps, showing he means business. The tweet was retweeted 40 million times and liked by 3/4ths of the Twitter users on the planet and 2 from the International Space Station.

Soon people will stop paying attention to celebrities, the mainstream media and their fake news and just go right to the source: Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Sorry, Baldwin. Time to go get a real job.

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