BREAKING: Trump Just Won A Major Battle Against Radical Islam–Mainstream Media Silent

Once again the opposition party, also known as the mainstream media, is refusing to tell the story of a huge win for the American people and a major blow to radical Islamic terrorists. In an unprecedented act of leadership, President Trump has made it illegal for anyone who believes in the practice of Sharia law from holding a position inside the US Government.

Sharia law isn’t a religion, it’s a political philosophy. Therefore, Muslims who wish to practice their religion but denounce this archaic form of oppression will still be able to apply for jobs. It’s unlikely that any will, since in order to be a Muslim you have to pledge your life to the Moon God and your loyalty to the Imams.

Democrats have cried that this sounds like a “religious test,” which they say is forbidden under the constitution, but our researchers can’t find any precedent that would make the move by our own leader anything other than good for national security. Spokesman for the White House Information and Propaganda Office Jeff told Fox news:

“It’s a no-brainer. If you stop allowing people who aren’t Christians to influence government, we’ll all be safer. As of now there are millions of terrorists living in our country. Do we really want them working at the post office?”

The media knows this is perfectly legal and something Obama should have done so they won’t be telling anyone about it.

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