BREAKING: Trump Just Discharged The Credit Card Debt Of 45 Million Americans–See If You Were Chosen

While going through a stack of illegal Obama executive orders and declarations, President Trump came across something he couldn’t just ignore. Obama had ordered that the credit reports of 45 million Americans who registered as Republicans to reflect their student loans as credit card loans and not educational services. That way, not only could the companies charge more, they could list them on the reports of parents as well as students and double their chances of making big profits.

Donald Trump has just ordered that 45 million credit reports have their balances wiped clean. Since there was no way to know who was screwed around with in the first place, the selection of who will be wiped clean will be random with the same one requirement: you must be registered as a Republican.

You can either wait until June 15th, when all reports chosen will update to a zero balance or you can call your congressman for a list of who will have no debt from their district.

The plan was simple enough to pay for. The companies affected will simply not collect the debts. In return, they will be able to write them off 100 percent against their corporate taxes and continue collection efforts without reporting to the credit bureau. They won’t be able to sue for judgment either.

This is great news for a huge chunk of the population. Liberals upset about the distribution can thank Obama.

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