BREAKING: Trump Just Destroyed Obama’s Plans To Interfere With His Government For The Next 2 Years

Donald Trump just managed to screw up Barack Obama’s plans to meddle in government until at least after the 2018 midterm elections. Obama and his wife, who have already promised they’ll be coming back after a “much-needed vacation” to fight Trump, will instead spend the next 2 years being audited by the IRS, answering to congress for their lavish lifestyle while in the White House and fighting to keep their law licenses at the state and federal level.

Trump spokesman Richard Spencer calls it the continuing attack on BHO, reminding us that this man singlehandedly destroyed America for eight years:

“Barack Obama did more damage to this country than any president in history. The unemployment rate is worse than it was during the great depression when you look at those who exited the workforce completely, the economy is in shambles, 70 percent of the American people are unhappy and terrorists and illegal aliens have swarmed our country by the millions putting every single American life at risk on our own soil.

Never have we seen more murder, violence and deathj at the hands of radical Islam and the national debt is 20 trillio9n times bigger than it’s ever been. And don’t even get me started on Obamacare. He made more money off of that scam than anyone and now 70 percent of Americans are uninsured.”

In response, President Trump will be using his executive power to harass the Obamas and keep them from sticking their noses where they don’t belong for the next two years. After that, according to Spencer, Congress should have enough evidence to indict them for treason and eliminate their legacy forever.


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