BREAKING: Trump Announces His Final Choice For the Supreme Court–Democrats Are FUMING!

President-Elect Donald Trump will have his hands full his first few weeks in office. Republicans are using the fact that they have the White House on their side to push an agenda that will be difficult to sell to a lot of Americans, but with Trump’s powerful personality and extensive use of social media like Twitter, it won’t be long before millions of Americans are on board with losing their health insurance even though there’s no plan yet to replace it and handing the reins of our economy back to the moneymakers of corporate America where it belongs.

One thing that Americans will be able to get behind is Trump’s finalist for the Supreme Court, announced just minutes ago from Trump Tower. The Honorable Judith Sheindlin, a family court judge from Manhattan with a record of harsh position papers, much like Antonin Scalia, combined with heavily conservative beliefs. Sheindlin has been retired for some time but has been active in legal circles as a participant in a real-life documentary series of how American courts work.

Her extensive knowledge of how to be publicly pleasing, as well as her ties to the city Trump loves so much he bankrupted half of it just to build there are said to be the determining factor in why Trump will seek her confirmation from the new Senate.


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If Judge Judy is confirmed, Trump says he’ll work with Mark Burnett to open the Supreme Court to television crews and see to it that the highest judicial body in the land sees more of “what real Americans care about,” like cases about who owns a dog, landlords suing tenants when their kids draw on the walls with crayons and the most popular of today’s televised courtroom battles: I got screwed on Craigslist.

The court will also continue to handle matters of importance to other people, like gay marriage, health care subsidies and a woman’s right to choose in special sessions every other Tuesday on C-Span.

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