BREAKING: Traitor John McCain Switches Parties For the DUMBEST Reason Possible

Senator John McCain has decided that being a Republican just isn’t worth it anymore. The traitorous former presidential candidate and traitor to his beliefs and his party gave the absolute dumbest reason ever for the change in a statement released just minutes ago:

“The Democratic party represents the people of this country far more than the Republicans. For ten years our beloved GOP has been on a slippery slope towards wealth inequality and racism. I can’t be a part of that any longer. Add to that the paranoid delusions of a man we’re supposed to be working with who refuses to do anything but vacation and sign executive orders and what you have are the makings of tyranny.

I will caucus with the Democrats and resist him at every turn.”

It’s not like McCain, who votes against the party all the time anyway, is any great loss. The GOP still has a commanding hold on the Senate and the house has been gerrymandered solid through¬†2025. This may come as a surprise to many, but it’s no great loss.

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