BREAKING: Suspects In Trey Gowdy’s Son’s Kidnapping And Murder Have Vanished

Two middle eastern men, Jalal al Halajalal and Sajjay Gertstamorgen, were arrested earlier after being found in the vicinity of the body Of Terrance Gowdy Junior. Terrance Vaughn Martin Gowdy, or Trey as his parents called him, lost him at just 8-years-old tonight to a ransom demand gone wrong.

Congressman Gowdy, who is the most qualified man ever to turn down being considered for a job as Director of the FBI, isn’t commenting and is asking for privacy for him and his family. A spokesman said Gowdy is convinced that law enforcement will do all they can.

In the meantime, law enforcement, or rather the US Marshals, seem to have lost the prisoners they were transferring to Quantico. The two men, who have denied any involvement, have now vanished from the face of the earth. That brought FBI special Prosecutor Charles Allen Topher into the picture, which means they are being investigated as a mystery crime with little chance the victims have survived.

Topher told our own Ship Tetheluda that the two man vanishing is more troubling from a national security standpoint than from the standpoint of justice for just one boy. “Without bringing these two in soon we risk the added danger of their origins and the prospect of them being recruited to jihad and become radicalized. The darker brown ones are particularly unruly.” Topher said, “It may sound harsh but profiling and targeting Sharia lovers is what will keep this country ticking.

Hopefully their hunt goes according to plan and the two murderers are found soon.

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