BREAKING: Suspects In Gowdy’s Son’s Murder Now Wanted In Connection With Other Crimes

Catching the men who kidnapped and killed little Terrence Vaughn Martin Gowdy may prove to be a huge break for law enforcement and anti-terrorism forces. The two men, Falaha al Jalahlahal and Sanjay Gerpatundro, were booked and fingerprinted before vanishing from custody on their way for questioning at Quantico.

The physical evidence of their identities is now leading investigators to understand that this was no typical kidnapping and that no amount of ransom would have brought little Trey Vaughn back. The men who took him are hardened criminals who will work for almost anyone.

If what forensics experts are saying is true, the fingerprints found on the scene where two of Gowdy’s own investigators were murdered last month match one of the suspects, meaning the two crimes are somehow tied together. The only person in Washington with enough blind hatred for Gowdy is Hillary Clinton.

She has killed children before. No life is precious to her.

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