BREAKING: Sean Hannity Falls For Fake News, Apologizes For Being A ‘Dumbass’

Sean Hannity is usually pretty good about checking his sources, except when he’s on the air. Or off the air. Or in any state of being that includes being awake and lucid. Hannity, a favorite among us conservatives because he’s willing to report on any load of crap that makes Donald Trump look better, has once again fallen victim to the “fake news” he so viciously decries.

As reported by Snopes, Hannity was dumb enough to ask Julian Assange about a document that appeared on a satirical website that implicated Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and John Kasich for being on Hillary¬†Clinton’s payroll. The article and everything in it turned out to be a complete fabrication from a website that prides itself on making conservatives look stupid.

The website is also well-known for making up quotes that people never said. When asked about the incident, Hannity said:

“Yes, I am a dumbass. I fell for this story hook, line and sinker because everything I do I do for my President-Elect. If that means reporting fake news and making stuff up then so be it. It’s still better than Clinton.”

We confirmed that quote ourselves just 10 minutes ago to be 98.4 percent true.

Here’s the interview between Hannity and Assange. Go to the 7:33 mark to hear Hannity make a fool of himself:

What’s really interesting is that Assange, who is on Hannity to discredit the Russian Government’s claim that they fed Wikileaks the Podesta emails, basically confirms that the document in question is true, even though we…I mean that dastardly website…made it up.

It may be time for we as conservatives to question our heroes and our news sources because…this is pretty sad.

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