BREAKING: Russian Intelligence Provides PROOF That Hillary Clinton Is Guilty Of Treason

There’s been a lot of hubbub about Russians hacking the DNC and providing Wikileaks with the ammunition needed to make emails and corruption the story of the day, every day, for the weeks leading up to the election. Millions of people were exposed to the kind of propaganda designed to kill a career, but no votes were tampered with, so that doesn’t really make a difference.

Plus, Donald Trump AND Sean Hannity have both quoted Julian Assange, who is well-known to be as credible as they come, when he said the Russians didn’t do it, so therefore they didn’t. To prove the point that it was Clinton’s own fault she was hacked and that they had nothing to do with it, the Kremlin just released enough documents to write a book that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton committed treason against the United States, both while she served as Secretary of State and as First Lady.

Vladimir Putin’s own intelligence minister told Fox news and Breitbart that the evidence they have against Clinton is so iron-clad they doubt she will get out of it with less than 20 years in prison. Samhainiski Ilyich Marischatolovich made that point perfectly clear:

“You See? If we wanted to ruin Hillary Clinton why would we hack American computers when we have this information on her all along?”

Investigators from the Department of Justice were told they would be given the case after the inauguration so Obama couldn’t order them to drop it like he did the email case or the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s weener. A spokesman said there will be “no plea deal and pardon” for Clinton. She will have to face the music.


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The minister said that the information incriminating Clinton, which was taken from DNC servers and secure government servers, would be turned over to the American people via Wikileaks. Julian Assange assured Trump supporters this was the first time he had ever had contact with the Russians ever and that he couldn’t confirm where the information came from, since the Russians definitely didn’t infiltrate the DNC or any government servers.

No, that doesn’t make any sense, but then again, conservative news rarely does. Just nod your head, enjoy all the scandals we don’t need to really prove and God bless Donald Trump.

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