BREAKING: Rachel Maddow And Source Of Trump Tax Return Leak Arrested Immediately After Show

Rachel Maddow and the source of the leak of Trump’s tax return, David K. Johnston, have been arrested for illegally publishing the personal tax returns of a sitting president without permission. During the show, they tried to hide behind the 1st Amendment, guaranteeing the free press the right to report on unsolicited material. Unfortunately for them, they published material that was solicited and the White House has proof.

Jeff Derpinger from the WHOIP told The Wall Street Journal:

“The president made sure by executive order on the first day he was in office that he would be exempt from the dishonest tactics of the lying media. The White House sent an email to the Maddow show explicitly forbidding them from publishing the return but they went ahead and published anyway. This is Trump’s America. He’s not a politician; he’s a businessman. His taxes aren’t anyone’s business but his own.”

The FBI raided Maddow’s office and found the evidence they needed to cart her and her source off in handcuffs. They will be arraigned in Federal Court in the morning.

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