BREAKING: President Trump Wants You To Know The TRUTH About Agenda 21

Ask a liberal what “Agenda 21” is and you’ll get some wondrously miraculous answer about global unity, food, clean air and water and policies for the common good across the globe. They’ll shout it from their sparkly unicorns with rainbows shining out of their asses. They will save the world!

Ask a normal person what Agenda 21 is and they’ll say, “isn’t that some UN thing?”

Ask an informed conservative and they’ll tell they’d love to know the answer to that question as well. Agenda 21 was built by corrupt globalists like Obama and thanks to President Trump and a secret fact-finding commission, we now know exactly what they were going to push and exactly how sick the whole thing really is.

According to the report:

Barack Obama, along with the socialist leaders of Europe and the Muslims of the Middle East, instituted Agenda 21 as a global conspiracy to control the population. As with other such plans, poisoning and/or starvation seems to be the preferred method of “cleansing the planet of over-population.

What is different this time is people won’t be chosen by race or religion but by affluence. The Middle Class and Millionaire Class are to be decimated under the plan, because the poor will be easier to control than those with financial comfort.

The delivery system would begin with organic foods and higher-end meat products that welfare queens don’t typically purchase, as well as the poisoning of water supplies to affluent neighborhoods across the world.

The rich who control our planet would remain in control and money would become obsolete in favor of “life credits” to be used by the working class to trade for food, clothing and shelter. Those merchants collecting credits would then be able to purchase spots in the new middle class, which will form as a management layer for the workers.

By 2025 the earth will have 2 classes: slaves and masters.

Well¬†then…there you have it. President Trump has informed the UN that we will exit any talks of Agenda 21 and will oppose it in every way possible.

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