BREAKING: President Trump Just Made Putin Look Like A Fool–Liberals Speechless

Libtards will swear that our President is working with Vladimir Putin. Some even say he’s been so compromised that he’s working FOR Vladimir Putin. Does this sound like someone who is being manipulated by anyone? According to Reuters:

“Russian officials today confirmed that they have recevied a disturbing communique from the President of the United States, Donald Trump, that gives Vladimir Putin 48 hours to walk away from Aleppo, Syria so the US military can fix the situation or be bombed ‘into oblivion.’

Putin, who has never faced outright aggression from another foreign power, let alone the most powerful in the world, is said to have turned pale and gone speechless for a solid 4 minutes while contemplating his demise. He then asked his generals for options and was told he has ‘few.’

Trump refused to take Putin’s call, telling his chief of staff that he’s said all he needs to. According to WHOIP Director Jeff Derpinger, ‘President Trump is ready to lay waste to the whole city to see this issue come to an end once and for all.’ When reporters reminded him of the issues with innocent civilians, they were reminded of World War II and that sometimes freedom comes at a ‘terrible cost.'”

Sounds like Putin might find himself responsible for the next Hiroshima.



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