BREAKING: President Trump Halts Friday Night Activities To Stick It To Obama One Last Time

Shortly after a nice dinner with his wife and all of his kids present at the White House Friday evening. President Trump abruptly shut got up and left the residence with no warning. His son, Eric, laughing about it with Sean Hannity on the phone, said:

“He was just in the middle of filling us in on the classified briefing he had just attended and we were making casual plans to manipulate the market a bit when he just…up and left.”

According to his daughter, Ivanka, she had just pitched a new plan for the federal government to buy all of its special issue footwear for field agents and soldiers through her factory in China when something on the TV in the other room caught his interest:

“The TV was on full volume, as usual, and even though he seemed focused on a deal that would make us millions and save the taxpayers a few dollars along the way, he just couldn’t help but get up and go.”

A few minutes later, The President returned with a smile from ear to ear. According to a server on staff, he told his family:

“Didn’t you hear CNN? Obama was planning to golf at Andrews tomorrow. I just booked the course for the whole day for a Treasury Department meet and greet.”

The server said the entire family burst into hysterical laughter, especially when the President added that Obama won’t golf and the club will be empty and that it will be well worth the $60K he’ll have to pull from discretionary White House entertainment funds. It’s too bad Obama never had a sense of humor. George W. Bush would have been an easy target.

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