BREAKING: Paul Ryan’s Secret Sunday Night Session Is Bad News For President Trump

After being outed as an agent of Barack Obama’s secret shadow government, known as The Deep State, Speaker Paul Ryan is in damage control mode. Without the support of the Freedom Caucus and with many other Republicans distancing themselves from him, Ryan has turned to his secret allies to save him.

Those allies, which include 193 Democrats in the House and another 165 Republicans, met in a secret session Sunday night to see if they had enough numbers to start impeachment hearings…against President Trump! How can you call for the impeachment of a president who has done nothing other than his patriotic duty? Through corruption and lies.

One Republican who has managed to infiltrate the shadow government to keep tabs, Rep Harland O’Quinn (R- Montana) reports that of the 5 people there in the middle of the night to make a case for impeachment, 4 weren’t members of¬†Congress at all and one of those was none other than Barack Obama, who shouldn’t be allowed on Capitol Hill to begin with.

Ryan and his lawless band of ingrates who were elected on the coattails of our great leader should be ashamed of themselves. The good news is that it looks like their mutiny will be short lived, as they’ll be 2 or 3 votes shy of the 2/3rds majority needed to impeach. President Trump hasn’t made a statement yet but surely he’s working hard to make sure his government remains intact and in control.

If these usurpers persist, it may be time for martial law in Washington.

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