BREAKING: Obama’s Mother In Law Charged With Larceny And Fraud

Marian Robinson, Barack Obama’s mother in law, has been charged with grand larceny and fraud for accepting money from the federal government under false pretenses. While it may not have been her idea to ask for a $160K pension for being the Obama daughters’  “caretaker,” she was the one who filled out the paperwork and signed her name.

That may have been all well and good had Hillary Clinton won the election, which is surely what the Obamas expected to happen, but now that there’s an honest man in the White House hiring honest people to run government departments, blatant lying, cheating and thievery won’t go unpunished.

At some point the Obamas will have to learn that they aren’t above the law. They knew Michelle’s mother wouldn’t be able to keep her fake pension forever, but they probably figured she’d collect enough to keep her deep in cash for the rest of her life. Now she’s looking at not only paying it all back but adding a huge fine and maybe even a few years in jail on top of that.

Maybe the kids will pay it off out of their giant book deal.

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