BREAKING: Obama’s Militia Just Made A Huge Mistake

Obama’s private security force, NOS Inc, which is nothing more than a band of paid mercenaries ready to betray their country for a paycheck, just made a HUGE mistake. After going through all of the red tape of becoming a legitimate firm that can bid on operations across the globe with its impressive size and billion dollars worth of hardware, they forgot to conform to Obama’s own stupid rules, instituted while he was in the White House.

Now, the company of more than 10K “employees” has to fire 1500 people and replace them with women and homosexuals. They are already nearly 70 percent Muslim, so no issues there. It should be interesting to see how all those Muslims feel about treating those new women and gays as equals.

Obama is about to find out first exactly how his stupid policies affect a military organization and how making sure you don’t hurt people’s feelings can cost people their lives.

The company’s staff is currently training on two islands they secured from Obama’s pals in the UK that lie due East of Washington DC, 20 miles into international waters. They have a fleet of smaller but effective destroyers, a submarine and at least a dozen Chinook helicopters to transport them anywhere on the planet.

Does that include DC? Is he that stupid? We shall see.

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