Breaking: Obama Issues An Executive Order So Illegal It Might Land Him In Jail

In a desperate effort to make his Presidency mean something, President Obama has just issued an executive order that not a single American should have to follow. The order goes so far above and beyond the scope of the office that President-Elect Trump is already investigating to see if he can be prosecuted for abuse of executive powers.

The order, aimed at securing elections for Democrats, turns elections into carnivals and ensures that not only is election fraud a factor, but an allowed and acceptable fact of life. EO4309706 reads:

All federal election days in America are hereby deemed national paid holidays. Americans in the working class and those living under the federal poverty level will be compensated at their current wage or at twice the minimum wage if they show up at the polls to vote. Voter identification laws will not be enforced to vote at the federal level.

The order is clearly an attempt to get poor people and minorities to go out and vote, as if those who don’t work should have an equal vote to those who support them. Poor people and minorities typically vote Democrat. Suspending the voter ID laws to vote for President and Congress also throws away the state’s right to keep people from voting. The entire order is nothing but a scam.

If the entire American electorate were to be given a voice the Republican party and the conservative movement Americans so desperately want in this country would crumble give way to liberal ideals. If the people who are too lazy to get a better job and pull themselves up by the bootstraps have a say, people who have built themselves up on the backs of their laborers will end up making less and that will cost jobs.

More than 60 million people just voted for a real leader and real change. That’s well over half of the people who matter in this country. The rest of the people can thank Obama for their problems.


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This executive order is nothing short of a nightmare for Republicans and the corporate masters who pull their strings, meaning it’s a nightmare for those of us who blindly vote for them the party because we love to hate stuff. If every American has an equal voice, those who feel superior because we’re white, male, heterosexual Christians are screwed.

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