BREAKING: Obama Is Gonna Be A Dad Again–And It’s Not Michelle’s!

A scandal that would have ended Obama’s presidency had it come out 2 years ago when it began is about to blow up, according to a reporter from the Rocky Mountain Sun. In a story set to be published first thing Tuesday morning, The Sun will release evidence and witness testimony that will expose an affair between Barack Obama and a White House staffer that has now escalated to something he won’t be able to deny.

Rob Vivier, the reporter who broke the story, said in a phone interview:

“Barack Obama had an affair than makes the Monica Lewinski scandal look like kid’s play. The woman, whose identity we will reveal Tuesday, is currently carrying the former president’s baby. The truth came out abut a week ago and it’s not going to be swept under the rug.”

Details are just starting to come out. According to reporters currently camped out to monitor the actions of Obama’s Deep State shadow government, Michelle and Sasha have left the DC mansion the family is renting and gone to the family’s estate in Chicago.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

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