BREAKING: Obama Called President Trump A Racist When He Arrived In The West Wing

President Donald Trump (whew, that feels good to say) was visiting the White House today starting his transition to Make American Great Again! Of course, the libtards are still boo-hooing in their butthurt after losing the election to real patriots who just saved the country.

As seen across the country last night, those “tolerant liberals” have turned to protests and already disrespecting our newly elected President before he even has a chance to fix the mess they have created. And now, it seems Obama is doing the same thing.

First, the White House banned cameras during President Trump’s arrival at the West Wing.

Perhaps, that’s because Obummer had his own plan for a private conversation with President Trump and he didn’t want it to be within an earshot of any press.

An aide who was there when President Trump met the liberal’s king said:

“When Obama greeted President Trump, he was very unwelcoming. He didn’t offer to shake his hand, but saved that for when the cameras were there. He also leaned forward and said, ‘You’re a racist jerk who shouldn’t even be here. I should be welcoming Hillary, not you.'”

Aww, poor Obama is a sore loser because Killary didn’t win like he expected. Well, suck it up, buttercup! President Trump is in town!


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