BREAKING: Michelle Obama Just Made The Worst Mistake Of Her Life…And She Will Pay DEARLY

Michelle Obama thinks she can do whatever she wants because her husband is president. First she took away school lunches and replaced them with food not fit for dogs. Then she hired 200 “personal assistants” to pamper her, walk her dog, weed her stupid garden and do her bidding.

After spending more than $190 million on lavish vacations, she then had her husband declare her mother ‘caretaker” of the children, landing her a nice $160K per year pension. The latest little Moochelle scheme, however, is NOT going to go over well.

After hearing that Trump will be firing Barry from the federal government, denying him a pension and Secret Service coverage, Michelle went to the US Copyright Office and copyrighted the Obama name and all of their likenesses, even Bo the dog. What does that mean? It means that anytime anyone writes about them or uses their picture, they will either have to be paid a royalty or they could sue for damages.

Donald trump’s staff is already working on a solution that may include fining her for overuse of government resources and then offering her a deal to release the family name. The soon to be former First Lady isn’t budging, however, telling The Boston Tribune:

“Trump thinks he can take away our hard-earned money? Nuh-uh. Every time you read the name ‘Barack Obama’ in a history class text book you can be damned sure a nickel is going in my family’s bank account.”

Those nickels would add up. The Office of Budgetary Development has concluded that the move would add millions of dollars per year to the national debt in royalties from pictures and interviews already published, not to mention the cost to the Department of Education’s textbook spending.

The only solution would be to erase the Obamas altogether, which would be nearly impossible. The only thing that helps is knowing that this move will cause even more people to hate them, which is a nice bonus.


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Update: It seems there were some inaccuracies in the original reporting of this story. It never once mentioned that you’re all imbeciles who will believe anything or that Barack Obama had “gullible” removed from the dictionary so there were fewer words to describe Trump supporters. We apologize for the mistake and promise to call you all stupid in the future.

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