BREAKING: Mexico Just Started Building A Wall On THEIR Southern Border For ‘National Security’


Wow! Unbelievable! Mexico has repeatedly refused to pay for a wall on their northern border to keep drug dealers and criminals from their country from strolling across to our neck of the woods, but guess what they’re doing right this very second? That’s right: they’re building a wall.

Citing “criminal elements” that are illegally entering Mexico from their tiny neighbor San Recto as part of a “massive human trafficking ring,” Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed an executive order that would begin the building of the wall “immediately.”

Construction of the wall, which costs roughly $8 billion in American money, began early Friday morning along the Guadalajorge River, which separates the two countries.

“This is a proud day for Mexico and a great day for national defense,” Nieta told Univision. “The safety and security of the Mexican people is our primary objective.”

San Recto is home to the Montezuma Cartel, the most feared criminal organization in the region.

Asked about Trump’s reaction to the wall, Nieto explained that “we only had enough money for one, and this was the one we needed the most.”

So, wait, if a wall along their southern border is important for their defense, why don’t they want us to have the same ability to defend ourselves? If they are willing to spend billions on their defense, why not ours when we just need to protect ourselves from their problems coming into our country?

This is despicable.

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