BREAKING: Melania Trump’s Personal Secret Service Agent Murdered In Cold Blood

Melania Trump’s head of security and personal Secret Service agent, Simon Donovan, was shot and killed when he interrupted a robbery in progress 4 blocks from Trump Tower. Donovan, who was off-duty, stumbled into an impossible situation and never had a chance at survival.

The man inside the store had a sawed-off shotgun and he wasn’t going to jail. Donovan drew his weapon and engaged in a standoff that ended when the armed robber, a 22-year-old mentally ill man, fired his gun into Donovan’s chest. EMTs on the scene said he died instantly.

The man bought his gun legally from a flea market just a half-hour earlier. He was wandering around with it strapped to his back talking about joining Alex Jones. The man was clearly delusional. His identity is being kept a secret until he has had a competency hearing.

Agent Donovan will be remembered by his friends and colleagues as a kind man who always put his subject first. His wife, Claudia Jean, asks that you send donations to the National Center for Mental People. There may even be a GoFundMe.

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