BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Fired For ‘Softballing’ Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly failed to ask the big questions that would have justified giving a “nutcase like Alex Jones” a platform like a Sunday Night NBC News show, says company CEO Chandler Thomes. “In her first big try at a homerun, she bunted right back to the pitcher and a double play ended her career.”

Kelly, who thought because she called one or two answers Jones tossed at her “dodges” that she had conducted a tough interview, allowed a theorist most in the mainstream to talk about what is probably mostly truth nobody is supposed to know on network TV.

Kelly won’t be asked to renegotiate her contract, though Fox has already released a statement of its own calling the interview “courageous” and offering Kelly her job back. The catch is that pesky drop from $20 million to the $3 million you’re now worth because you screwed the pooch.

Ms. Kelly’s office wasn’t available and as of yet nobody is reporting coffee mugs or other memorabilia coming through the windows and landing on the street below, so presumably, all is calm.

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